For Students

Age Working memory is crucial for… Indicators that a working memory needs exercise
  • Reading and understanding the content (reading comprehension)
  • Mental arithmetic
  • Interacting and responding appropriately in peer activities such as playing on the school ground
  • Reads (decodes) but does not understand or remember material read
  • Problems memorizing math facts
  • Difficulty participating in group activities (e.g. awaiting turn); makes friends but cannot keep them
  • Doing homework independently
  • Planning and packing for an activity, such as dance class
  • Solving multi-step math problems, especially word problems
  • Participating in team sports, such as soccer
  • Does not begin or persist with homework without supervision
  • Packs but forgets items essential for activity
  • Reads the problem but can’t break it into understandable parts
  • Problems grasping rules of game, functioning as a “team player”
  • Getting a driver’s license
  • Understanding social cues, responding to demands of a social situation
  • Writing essays, reports
  • Problems with spatial awareness, reading and following traffic cues
  • Interrupts, talks excessively, doesn’t listen to others
  • Essays and reports are short, sloppy, and disorganized
  • Focusing and following a conversation
  • Making and adhering to work plans, such as studying for an exam
  • Participating in group activities in school
  • Sustaining focus and interest throughout lectures
  • Changes topics suddenly, makes irrelevant comments
  • Procrastinates, then tries to “cram” the night before an exam
  • Doesn’t listen or participate during group activities
  • Falls asleep or “zones out” during lectures

Cogmed Working Memory Training can benefit students from first grade through college!

Parents and teachers report improved social skills, taking initiative, remembering instructions and completing assignments more independently. The objective is better academic results, particularly in reading comprehension and math.

Working Memory Training for Students –
Ages 7 through College

Cogmed RM is the Cogmed Working Memory Training™ software program for children and adolescents. Cogmed RM requires participation for approximately 30 – 45 minutes every weekday for five weeks.

The software guides the student through multiple rotating exercises each day. These exercises are designed to train working memory.  The complexity level of each exercise is automatically adjusted, click by click, to stretch the user’s capacity to the maximum.

To help parents motivate their children and provide them with feedback, the program includes support from a Cogmed Coach. Included in the program is an optional racing game that functions as an immediate reward after each day’s training.

High school and college age young adults often prefer the adult version of the training.  The Cogmed QM program has the exact same exercises and is also coached, but without the robots and “game” feel.

Working Memory Training for Pre-School –
Ages 4 through 7

Cogmed JM for pre-school children features an interface especially designed for younger children.  The program takes approximately 10-15 minutes per day for five weeks.  Contact us for more information about Cogmed JM.

Click here to download the Cogmed brochure with more detailed information about all three training programs.