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How Does It Work?

Summary of the Cogmed Working Memory Training Programs

  • The Cogmed Working Memory Training is a set of online exercises, using the age appropriate Cogmed software with support from a Cogmed-qualified coach.
  • At the start of training the coach conducts an initial interview with the client (adult) or training aid (for children) to describe exactly what is involved and what you can expect at each step.
  • Training is typically done at home and takes five weeks, approximately 45-60 minutes a day, five days a week (25 training sessions).
  • The exercises require the trainee to remember a sequence of numbers, letters, or small lamps lighting.
  • The exercises become increasingly challenging as the program progresses, but are calibrated to accommodate each individual’s level of progress.
  • Each day when the training is finished, the results are automatically sent to the coach via the Internet.
  • Weekly telephone contact by the coach to review progress and discuss any
    potential issues serves to optimize the training experience.
  • The coach monitors progress and provides support and encouragement.
  • An interview is conducted at the completion of the program where an
    overall review of progress is measured and reviewed.

How Do I Get Started?

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