Success Stories

Cogmed RM Training
Recent Examples of Real Life Results

We have taken representative excerpts from recent training reports. Any information that might potentially identify the child has been omitted to protect the confidentiality of the child and his/her family. This is, however, representative of the results achieved by children in the U.S. who have participated in the RM Training. The outcomes are impressive!

Boy improves reading fluency over 2 grade levels in one semester

Age: 8 Gender: Male Location: Northern California

Key challenges:
Had great difficulty remembering what he heard
Could only follow one step instructions
Consistently forgot about his homework
Was very disorganized and had a hard time getting started on tasks
Was disruptive in class
Was at least a grade level behind in reading fluency and comprehension

Training outcomes:
Turns in homework without being reminded
Improved auditory memory – can now follow multi-step instructions
Is much more organized – misplaces his things less
Does not talk in class – is much less disruptive
Reading comprehension improved over a full grade level in a semester
Reading fluency improved over two grades levels in a semester – far ahead of the norm

Young woman improves time management and organizational skills

Age: 14 Gender: Female Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Key challenges:
Diagnosed with ADHD
Received bad grades in school
Had trouble keeping track of time
Often told lies
Could not keep her things organized
Had trouble budgeting time for all of her responsibilities

Training outcomes:
Is much better able to keep track of time
Can follow through on the things she planned
Is much more organized at home and at school
Grades have dramatically improved
No longer lies as much as before

Intelligent young man has to study more than most to retain information

Age: 15 Gender: Male Location: New Hampshire

Key challenges:
Had to study many hours in order to retain the information he memorized
Could not stay focused in school
Struggled with inattention from an early age
Had to work harder than most for similar results

Training outcomes:
Working memory capacity clearly improved
Had improved attention and was better able to stay focused
Had an easier time retaining the information he studied
Benefited from having his working memory capacity much closer to his other very well developed cognitive skills

College student no longer needs detailed list to remember instructions at summer job

Age: 22 Gender: Female Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Key challenges:
Diagnosed with a learning disability and ADHD
Had a poor episodic memory and often forgot about events that happened to her
Lacked confidence in her cognitive abilities
Had trouble keeping track of what people said in conversations, would interrupt people
Could not take notes in class, had poor reading comprehension
Had difficulty remembering tasks at her job – had to write everything down

Training outcomes:
Noticed a major improvement in organizational skills
Found that she could remember instructions at work without looking at her sheet
Is able to track with conversations and remember what people tell her
Started developing a newfound interest in reading – she now reads for pleasure where she didn’t in the past
Is beginning to trust her memory more and gaining confidence

College student finds himself overwhelmed at summer job

Age: 20 Gender: Male Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Key challenges:
Could not complete simple tasks
Lost his train of thought in the middle of normal interactions at work
Had trouble thinking on his feet
Was afraid of making mistakes at the cash register
Was forced to work a more menial position
Experienced anxiety and embarrassment because of his attention problems and poor working memory capacity

Training outcomes:
Stopped forgetting little tasks like taking out the trash and cleaning up
Was able to work at the cash register by the end of the summer
Could remember ten orders at once without getting any of them wrong
At school he was able to handle the work load with ease
Many of the challenges he used to face disappeared
He has become much more confident and has newfound ambition in school

Cogmed helped this man perform better at work, results remain after two years

Age: 42 Gender: Male Location: Austin, Texas

Key challenges:
Had significant attention and processing problems
Had difficulty grasping new information and adjusting to changing situations
Could not keep a steady job because of his attention problems
Was easily distracted at work – would often lose his train of thought
Had trouble following multi-step instructions

Training outcomes:
Is able to stay much more focused at work
Saw improved concentration and focus
Follows detailed instructions much more easily
Doesn’t get distracted in the middle of a task
Can follow his projects through to completion
Continues to see improvements two years after training

Woman struggles for decades with undiagnosed ADHD – was referred to as “spacey” – finds help in Cogmed

Age: 50 Gender: Female Location: Santa Barbara, California

Key challenges:
Had trouble in school as a child
As a girl, was overlooked for treatment since inattention was seen as a boys issue
Struggled with attention problems into adulthood
Would forget to pick up her daughter
Felt strain on her marriage as a result of her inattention
Went through her life with feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy

Training outcomes:
Has seen dramatic improvements to her attention
Saw her time-management skills improve
Was able to stay much more organized
Is able to stay calm and focus through distractions
No longer gets flustered amid distractions
Has gained self-confidence